I want to fall in love

…with life

I want every breath that I take to have beauty, depth, and meaning. I want to walk out the door and be overwhelmed with all that surrounds me. I want to hear the message of every bird’s morning song, see the dance of every tree, and feel the magic secrets carried within the very breath of the wind. I want to dance beneath the stars and serenade the moon. I want to feel awe in the beauty of a raindrop and be mystified by each sparkling snowflake.I want to bathe in the beauty of life, and in it’s love, feel my spirit come alive.

I wrote these words during a quiet morning a couple of weeks ago as I sat and wistfully thought of the someday in which I might perhaps truly awaken to the beauty and magic of life. Perhaps someday, when I am past this obstacle, answer these serious life questions, or obtain this goal – well, someday I can fall in love with life.

I stepped outside and gazed at the world beyond, yearning to touch the magic of life. I realized that there were many days when I could in fact reach out and grasp that magic, and other days when the touch of life and living seemed far beyond my grasp.

What, I wondered, could be the difference?

Why are some days filled with awe, wonder and beauty, while others so mechanical and empty?

As I sat and pondered, I heard the fluttering sound of the dove’s song in flight as she flew from one tree to another and sat closer to me. I sat in awe at her grace and beauty and listened as the message of her coo filled my heart.

The difference of my days was simply a matter of choice.

It is a choice to awaken and open our eyes and heart to the beauty around us. It is a choice, each and every moment whether or not to accept and appreciate the gifts that life gives to us. We can take the hand of life and dance, or we can close our eyes and indifferently sleep walk our way through life.

I choose, today and each day, to fall in love with life and to learn to see each day’s beauty with renewed wonder.



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