Held down by weights from seasons passed
worn cloaks and tunics at their bequest
held captive within their masquerade
a soldier no longer in duties’ brigade


From the smoldering ruins of futile deeds
she rises above their mindless greed
hidden within her grief filled tears
she finds life’s hope filled souvenir
Once quiet within her dutiful confines
now brought to life – her spirit shines
all at once the battles cease
duties pressed upon her, now released
Newly attired in her riding habit of hope
she mounts the steed who will bring her home.
Traveling through storms of unknown fear,
riding above the uncertainty, past the despair
She reaches within, her spirit yet climbs
through it all, she continues to ride.
Above the oceans, across the plains,
through the parched desert – night and day
She revels in each new vibrant breath
watching the winds of life dance in her hair.
Her eyes sparkle against the night sky,
her spirit reborn, upon life’s ride
Her journey only begun, a new season’s start
She will ride until the land calls to her heart.
In this sacred place, she will begin life anew
Her only duty –
to her own spirit be true.

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