Today I stand before the world
With my heart and soul bare
No longer will I hide
Due to timidity and fear

I have reached within myself
To find the courage and the strength
To reach past the vulnerabilities
That have kept me locked
within my solitary cage

I stand before you now
Naked to the very core
No more walls, or masks, or hiding
Just the very depths of my soul

This is the me that I’ve kept secret
In fear of your judgment or hate
But you see I have come to realize
What I lose when I keep pushing people away

Yes, I may open myself to the risk
Of being hurt by those who are cruel
But life’s lessons have taught me
It is simply to myself that I must be true

So, today world
I offer to you the depths of the true me
Today I remove the walls and barriers
And allow my heart and soul to be set free