The Stranger

I stand here and gaze into the looking glass
I’m filled with uncertainty as to who it is that I see
The resemblance is there – of that I have no doubt
But this woman looking back at me – Could she truly be me?

She isn’t a ballerina, a princess, or beauty queen –
The future I promised myself the day I turned three
I don’t see a rockstar or an actress on the big screen
Although this was my wish when I became the age of fourteen
This stranger isn’t solving world hunger or bringing world peace
In fact, she’s simple – she’s normal. She’s none of those things.

I simply cannot believe
That this stranger is me.

Her eyes look weary and her hair is a mess
There are scuffs on her shoes and wrinkles in her dress
She works hard at a job that will never bring fortune or fame
Once she’s gone, nobody will ever remember her name

If you look closely enough you can see the sorrow in her eyes
You see, she failed, she lost – she never even tried.

With fists lifted in anger and tears in my eyes
I yelled at the stranger, “Never, not I”
No matter what, I will never, ever believe
That this stranger is me.

The stranger lifted her hand to reach for mine
And softly said, “Yes, we are strangers,
but only because your heart has been blind.”

She whispered, “Open your heart and take my hand
We’ll take a journey together so that you can understand.”

The skeptic in me was filled with misgivings and doubt
But still, I took her hand to find out what she was about
And as our hands met, I felt a jolt go through my heart
I saw images, felt emotions – right from the start.

She took me through happy memories filled with laughter and joy
Moments I had taken for granted, forgotten, and let go.
She took me through hard times, heartache, and loss
Reminding me that with each tear, it helped me to grow.

She showed me each step in the corporate ladder I’d climbed
Reminded me of the rewards of hard work, accomplishment, & pride
She brought me to people whose lives I had touched
And showed me the ripple effect of that kindness and love.

Before I knew it, our journey was complete
She looked at me with questions in her heart
And whispered to me, “Now do you see?”

As the tears ran down my face I said,
“Yes, now I believe and am proud to say –
the stranger in the looking glass really is me.”