The Hush

In the quiet
of the predawn hours
The Hush slips in to blanket
the slumbering earth.
upon life’s gentle breeze,
it quietly blows in
its veil of serenity,
imperceptibly dispersed.

The Hush unfolds
over the hilly terrain.
climbing, spilling over
the majestic mountaintops,
guided by the loving arms
of the branches of nature.
The Hush settles over me,
awakening my heart

tranquil waves caress
the shores of my skin.
fluttering lashes,
feeling the tickling of gray.
lips part,
kissed by the breath of peace.
The Hush drapes my body
in its elegant array.

tenderly bidden,
I arise for my solitary tryst,
barefoot upon the dew covered
blades of grass.
I wrap the arms of
The Hush
softly around me
and we sway together
in our harmonious dance.

within the arms of The Hush,
draped in the silence of being,
my heart, yet again, reborn
by Nature’s spiritual healing.