Nature’s Embrace

My heart longs for the touch
of her healing embrace
to be immersed in the beauty
of Nature’s sweet grace

To stand upon a mountain top
beneath a forest of trees
amidst the sounds of nature’s song
carried lovingly through the breeze

My mind craves the absolute serenity
of standing upon the shores of a lake
to merge my finite soul with
the infinite drizzle of fate

To dip my mortal fingertips
in the waters of perpetual existence
and grasp the soil within my hand
filled with centuries of untold wisdom

My eyes wish to behold simple miracles
seen intricately in wildlife’s quiet breath
an innate dance filled with wonder
nourished by nature’s untamed caress

In moments such as these
heart, mind, body, and spirit
become complete
Within the arms of nature
my grounded soul
can release my wings