Her Home

From the outside looking in
her home stands in utter disguise
a picture perfect portrait
a veil to hide normalcy’s demise

The trees nestle the walls of her home
and the secrets it contains
with no hint of the intruder
only whispers of the fear and pain

From the inside looking out
all of life now so much more profound
at first measuring the minutes and the days
doing her best to make them count

Every task is a battle
each precious moment fought and won
with amazing courage and strength of heart
she’s beating all the odds

Her family stands beside her
both as a shield and a haven
but is is within her own depths
where she alone fights this invasion

It is she who must endure the thereapy
hurting her to help her with the fight
then smiling and reassuring others,
“Don’t worry, it will be all right”

Within the sanctuary of her home
she can surrender to her tears
knowing that even the courageous
have battled through their fears

The battle leaves her weary
the invader, Cancer, takes its toll
but she lifts her head toward the sun and
finds the strength to continue on

She forges her own path
savoring each day’s precious gift
a true inspiration to those around her
her battle too long fought to predict

Whether it be one or a thousand days that remain
each one will be infinitely treasured
throughout her valiant journey,
her most important lesson changed ….

Life is much too precious to be measured.