Friendship’s Hand

The winds of life’s storms can sometimes surround you
sheets of rain falling down at times try to drown you
with mountains of troubles that keep piling high
you tread on, push forward, lost in the dark night

with eyes so heavy that you cannot see the sun
feeling lost and confused, tired and overrun
with no place to hide and nowhere to turn
with defeat in your heart, you cry and you curse

I stand quietly before you with my outstretched hand
a promise of friendship and trust, a heart who understands
I hold no magic wand to banish your troubles away
but with hope in my heart I’ll help you to see the day

I’ll hold friendships mirror gently within your grasp
to help you see the strength you’d forgotten you had
I will do my best to part life’s clouds to help you see the truth
your own faith and hope are enough to see you through

In those dark filled moments you’ll find a gentle reminder
of the courage within your own heart, and a trusted friend beside you
with the outstretched hand of friendship, may you never lose your way
and keep faith in your heart for the sunshine that awaits