Quiet Poetry & Thoughts

The Cup

The cup Of my solitude has been emptied Spilled out upon the world Bit by bit. Lovingly, With reverence I pour From the quiet of my heart To renew the well Once...

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I want to be embraced within the loving arms of solitude, quietly plant wildflowers in all my hidden corners, feel the gentle cleansing rain fall from my eyes into a pool of calm, clear waters – to nourish the life within to grow and reach the skies of my...

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A Glorious Mess

I lay here on my bed writing because for the very first time in so long, I must write. The earth would tremble beneath my feet, the winds would spin chaos around my heart, and the skies would burst with the energy of trillions of stars collapsing if I did not release...

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To Fall in Love

I want to fall in love …with life I want every breath that I take to have beauty, depth, and meaning. I want to walk out the door and be overwhelmed with all that surrounds me. I want to hear the message of every bird’s morning song, see the dance of every tree, and...

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Ever Present Morning

What I wouldn’t give to have an ever present morning … I awoke to the gift of a brand new day once again and what a precious gift it truly is. The sun has not yet come up, the world still silently tucked into bed and I sit here with this pencil and paper allowing the...

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A Moment of Loneliness

My heart began to feel heavy as I felt a feeling of loneliness seep within. I stepped outside, stared at the nighttime sky, felt life surround me and I asked myself, “But how can you ever be lonely when the world itself is your lover?”

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