Quiet Poetry & Thoughts

Making New Memories

I sincerely believe that every person that we meet crosses our path for a reason and every encounter has the potential to be special if we are open and allow it. In my years in the hospitality industry, I have been blessed with meeting so many amazing people. It’s one...

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A Leisurely Stroll through a Winding Path in the Woods

I have not been able to get his eyes out of my mind. They were so sad in a way that a million words could not convey. I could tell with my first glance that this interaction would require me to be fully present and patient in order to be kind and compassionate. My...

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Tell Me

Tell me what your heart longs for … Tell me what terrifies you … Share with me the things that move you so much that it brings you to tears. Let me see the passion in your eyes as you speak of the things that bring you joy. Whisper to me what it is that your heart...

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I stepped outside for a moment and thoughts filled my heart and mind: If I stand in the west facing the eastern sky I will see a brilliant sunrise with bold colors and the beckoning of the coming day. If you stand in the east facing the western sky you will see a...

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A Quiet Heart

    I am feeling very quiet and soft today. I am also feeling emotional, as if my heart were wide open and unprotected from the world. I want to wrap a soft blanket around myself and retreat to the warm world within. I don’t want to have to feel the...

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