My Life’s Most Difficult Lesson

It’s ironic that the most difficult and most painful lesson that I’ve had to learn in my adult life is also the one to set me free ….

It is such a simple lesson, yes even on that I’ve been told and read of many times throughout the years of my life. But to finally get it …. Yes, that is another dimension entirely of this reality that I call my life!

What is this simplistic philosophy that has given birth to the wings of my soul? One word – “Control”, or to be exact – the complete lack of control in certain aspects of our existence.

We have no control over either the events or the people who shape our lives. The only control we have is how we react to these people and events in our life.

Yes, something so simple that we’ve all heard it a million times. But once again, to truly grasp it’s meaning is another thing entirely!

I’ve learned that you can spend 24 hours of every day in fear of the “what if’s”. But this fear does absolutely nothing to control or prevent what may or may not happen.

So rather than spend every moment of every day in fear that the sun may not rise tomorrow, I have simply accepted the fact that I have no control over whether or not it will. If I should awaken in the morning, without the sun’s bright light, I will know; and I accept that if that should happen, I will light the flame within myself and create my own warmth, and …

I will go on.

To spend one’s life in fear of the unknown, always wondering “what if” is to allow fear to exert its control over you! So, not only do you not have control over independent events, people, and circumstances, by allowing fear to rule, you lose control of yourself … the one thing that you do have control over.

I will no longer allow my life, my very existence to revolve around the lack of control and fear of what may come … and I begin to take back control of myself … who I am … who I will become … and how I will live my life.

I will continue to enjoy the warmth of the sun as it rises each day, however I have accepted that I have no control over the powers that be, and if that should come, and I awaken in darkness:

I will know, I will accept, and I will move on.

Today, on the newborn wings of my soul, I begin to live again – for myself. Today I reject the fear and accept my loss of control, and I begin anew!!

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