It was a wonderful morning and I woke excited for the opportunity and time to take a quiet walk at Sugarite, to breathe in the beauty of the amazing landscape that always calls to my heart. But upon arriving I found the landscape hidden and the air cold and wet from the storms the previous night. The Mesa, hills, and treetops were hidden among the low grey clouds, the world painted in a dreary fog that put a damper on my excitement.

But opportunities for quiet escapes to my favorite place had been rare and I decided to continue with my walk despite the cold and the clouds. As I continued upon my way my focus began to change as I noticed that the colors around me appeared more vibrant against the grey backdrop and I began to look closer. With each step that I took I felt my breath catch and was overwhelmed with excitement and in awe at the beauty around me – beauty that I never would have noticed on a warm clear day. The storms had created a masterpiece of color and beauty that I would have missed had I not pushed ahead despite the clouds.

Sometimes in life we face our own storms and it can seem that the clouds and dreariness hide the beauty in the landscape of our lives. But if we open our hearts and change our focus we can see the gifts of the storm and the breathtaking beauty in the small things around us.

No matter how thick the clouds or how strong the storm that we might be facing, there is always beauty in our lives to be grateful for. Sometimes the storms are a gift to change our focus and remind us of the beauty in small things.

If you should be facing cloudy skies today – or any day … I wish for vibrant colors and droplets of rain to grace your heart and show you that beauty and hope still remain.

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