In the quietest hours of the night

unbidden, she opens her eyes

half awake, half asleep

one foot still within the world

of dreams

she hears the echoes

on these four walls;

here and now,

life calls.

She untangles herself from the sheets,

half dressed and with barefoot feet

she steps out into the night

where the magic awaits

just beyond these street lights.


she finds her way

the pull of the night won’t lead her astray

Joy fills her heart

the moment she arrives

her truest home now within her sight.

With her barefoot feet she steps

upon the earth,

the songs of the night

singing of her rebirth

She reaches out her hands

caressing the trees, and

begins to dance among

the leaves

Here and now

she is one with the world

where the noise of society

can never be heard

In this place of pure peace and joy

she can shed the false layers;

tears fall to the ground

watering the earth with her prayers

In this moment

pure ecstasy is born

felling the magic of life

in her heart’s truest home.




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