Happiness and Peace

She began her journey

Many years ago

She’s climbed several mountains

And swam upon many shores

She’s gone through forest filled trails

Getting lost at times in the mess

But still pushing on, searching for

That mountaintop called success

There are so many others

That she meets along the way

Each undertaking their own journey

All looking for their rightful place

Many turn to the Mt. Everest of life

And follow the steep path of Fortune and Fame

She sees the lucky ones climb to the pinnacle

The others falling, left broken and lame

She observes the ones who simply crawl

Rolling along Emptiness’ downhill road

They awaken, work, and sleep

Grudgingly carrying their load

She sees the signpost in the distance

Labeled ‘Happiness and Peace’

But unlike Fortune & Fame and Emptiness

There simply isn’t a path to be seen

This incredible mountain

Reaches high into the sky

Its height insurmountable

Its length thousands of miles wide

It’s beauty surpasses all it surrounds

Casting shadows even over Fortune & Fame

Reaching it is surely impossible

No, she’ll never find the way

It has taken her many years

To simply reach this place

She surrenders to her weariness

And simply sits, in disgrace

She’ll never find the strength

Or the knowledge to continue on

She stares up at the sign post

Believing her chances already gone

But in that moment —

A small detail catches her eye

An arrow on the signpost

And — hope come back to life!

Then, confusion fills her mind

As she sees the arrow pointing down

“The mountain is thousands of miles high,”

She cries,

“Why? Oh why, is it pointing down?”

And in that brief moment

Her heart and soul are set free

She knows what the arrow means

And in its wisdom, she can hardly believe!

The landscape begins to change

As she closes her eyes

happiness & peace begin to fill her

To her utter wonder and surprise

Her soul shines brightly

As she begins to understand

The awesome and amazing secret

Of this bold and beautiful land

“There is not a path,” she says

To the mountaintop of Happiness & Peace

Because I AM the mountain

And the land of beauty is within me!”

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