Dear Peace,

Today I shall renew my quest to find you.

Today the journey shall begin again.

I do not know how far I will travel or even if I must travel at all.

I will search for you within the magical musical notes that caress
my heart.

I will reach for you in every minute drop of water that flows softly upon
my skin as I shower.

I will listen for your whispers as the breeze floats through my
hair and seek your touch as the warmth from the sunshine envelopes me.

I will allow the gentle bird songs to guide me to you and in my every step upon the earth I
will welcome your strength and grace to flow through me.

Dear Peace, today I will hold fast in my quest to find you until I can reach the quiet depths within my shielded
heart and bathe in the ecstatic light and love that only you can bring.

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