She unclothes herself

of all her earthly layers

peeling them from her body

one by one

letting them drop onto the floor

She unlaces her corset

filled with pain

letting it slip quietly

from her hands

she takes a moment to exhale,

knowing the magic of breath once more

She strips off the

ribbons of worries

from her hair,

as she feels her silken

tresses glide down

her now naked back


she slowly, carefully,

steps her feet out

from within their fallen mass.

all that remains now is the light

that drapes her weary soul

as she stands, unclothed …


and walks out

into the unknown

for just this moment,

bared of her worldly toils,

she listens to the music of

her spirit’s song

beginning to dance to hope’s

melody, now playing strong

the music begins to play louder

her own voice now joining in life’s

blessed harmony

the colors of life born anew

burst forth and explode into view

beneath the rays of the newly lit sun

her spirit and the earth become one

in a dance of freedom and celebration

and whispered hopes

of a triumph sure to come

she must now step back

into the the circle of life’s fallen mass

and clothe herself once more

but whispers of hope and light

now pulse from within and shine forth

from within her deepest core.

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