It’s barely after 4 AM
When I open up my eyes
The moon is shining brightly
And the stars still light the skies

The world outside is quiet
As the crickets in symphony sing
I sit quietly in my solitude
To await the beauty the new dawn will bring

I take these precious moments
To simply sit and breathe
To renew and reflect
And listen to the voice of my inner being

It’s a time to reach within
And bring peace into my soul
To come back to myself
And make the pieces whole

It’s in this time and space
That my spirit begins to soar
And the fire of my creativity
Revives itself once more

As the sun sits on the horizon
I feel my hurts begin to heal
Bringing hope back into my heart
Allowing me to once again feel

I watch the sun come up over the mountains
Restoring the breath back into my day
And I reach for my renewed strength
Knowing that my world is once again okay

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