glittering stars fade, signaling

for the dawn to awaken

the sun breathes life into the day

cresting over the horizon

birds sing a song of rejuvenation

as the sun reaches its mighty culmination

through nature’s metamorphosis,

she simply sits

allowing the breath of life to

reach within and permeate her soul

the warmth of the sun draping across her

body like a satin dress caressing her skin

she cannot help but stand and rejoice

in the beauty of this new day and

reaches her hands to the sky,

feeling the silky rays of sun encircling

her from head to toe, flaring at her feet

like her dancer’s dress,

as she spins around in joyfulness

she turns, and walks back inside

now ready to face the day,

no matter what the fates might bring

a brand new dawn, a brand new day.

life anew, its possibilities as endless

as the stars in the nighttime sky,

who sing her gently to sleep at night

single notes of music begins to play

droplets of water splashing into her heart

a note grows into song, an open faucet,

pouring, filling a once empty pond

a song flourishes into a majestic symphony

an absolute crescendo,

reflections of light on water,

as she rides its waves, soaring to bold

and adventurous new heights

waterfalls of love showering, now

overflowing, as its rivers run mightily

through her, a dance choreographed

by the simple beating of her heart

carrying love’s waters through her,

over her, around her.

immersing in love’s breath

until they are one,

a transformation fashioned

by life’s songs

melting into the waters of love

as she becomes whole

in the span of a single moment

she is one with love –

she has become love

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