I awoke yesterday morning with joy in my heart knowing that this would be the day that I would begin to write again. My pen no longer silent. The demands of life no longer holding me captive. I would find the time, I would make time!
I spent the majority of my day in blissful quiet solitude. It was one of those days that I had been dreaming about for months on end – a day to immerse myself completely in the words of my heart. The immersion was so complete, the dance so soft and soothing that I found the approach of evening coming upon quickly.

I paused for a moment in my writing and as I looked up, I noticed the sun shining brightly through my west facing windows. The play of shadow and light that entered the room made me smile and opened up my awareness to the beauty in life.

In that awakened state of awareness, I had a realization that there was another very important joyful experience in my life that my recent hectic schedule had kept me from. I immediately dropped my pencil and jumped up, grabbed my camera and put my shoes on, thinking – surely I can make it before the sun sets!
I pulled out of my driveway and looked up to see the brilliant sun resting upon the mountaintop, the evergreen trees bathed in the boldness of the sun’s rays, it’s scattered light playing upon the hillside. I sat for a moment and watched this breathtaking display as the sun slowly eased its way to hide behind the mountain. I admit to feeling a bit of sorrow at such a transient meeting, my heart longing to hold on to this beauty for more than this brief passing moment.

I awoke from my brief trance of fascination and continued on my way to my destination. I drove towards the east mountains, wondering once again if I would be able to reach my destination in time when I was blinded momentarily by the light from my mirror. I averted my eyes from the light while at the same time basking in its warmth. I took a glance in my drivers side mirror, only to see the brilliant sun once again – now sitting slightly above the mountain. My heart filled with joy at the miraculous gift of this opportunity for a second sunset and for the lesson brought to me by life of perspective. In that moment, I had no doubt that I would reach my destination in time, no matter what time that might be.

I entered the canyon and began to feel the familiar awareness of life, calm, awe, and ecstatic joy that only being out in nature can bring so completely to my heart and spirit. I rolled down my windows and listened to the music of life around me and felt the crispness of the mountain air caress my being.

I rounded a curve on the winding uphill road and the vision before me stopped me in my tracks and made me want to leap with exhilarating laughter and at the same time, cry tears of absolute awe and wonder. Stopped in the middle of the road, I was surrounded by dozens of dear. I can’t tell you how long I sat there in the middle of the road watching the youngsters frolic and play, chasing after one another.  The energy and life in each of their playful leaps brought to my heart a feeling of pure joy.

After some forgotten immeasurable amount of time I was finally able to continue upon my journey. By this time the sky was beginning to ever so slowly pull down the covers of night as it kissed the sun to sleep. There were mixtures of deep hues of red and gold resting upon the ridges of the mesa.  A timid pale yellow that caressed the softest blue as it lovingly met the deep blue of the coming night, held within it’s embrace the stars to guide the way.
I passed by the lakes and saw the sky’s dance reflected upon the calm surface of the water. The reflections of trees, mountain, mesa, hills, and sky bathing in the waters of life.

I reached my destination at this enchantingly perfect time. I stepped out and was wholly embraced by the magic of life. I sat upon the ground in the place that my spirit calls home, feeling my breath begin to deepen as life coursed through me. The birds and crickets played in symphony, the creak roared with the waters from the fresh snow melt, the trees stood in their absolute majesty, and the little patches of green below me began to sing.

I reached my destination at just the perfect time – to be immersed within Nature’s dance of wild elegance!

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