Quiet Poetry & Thoughts

The Difference

Yesterday morning I stepped outside and bemoaned the day, counting the stresses and mourning the aches. Today I stepped outside and the world took my breath away – the warmth of the sun, the varying colors and shapes of the clouds. The birds sang joy into my...

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In the quietest hours of the night unbidden, she opens her eyes half awake, half asleep one foot still within the world of dreams she hears the echoes on these four walls; here and now, life calls. She untangles herself from the sheets, half dressed and with barefoot...

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Fellow Travelers

Sometimes I think back and am visited once again by the love of fellow travelers, those who may no longer walk the same path as I, but who still occupy such a special place in my heart… Do you know how special you are to me … What an impact you have had on...

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If I were not me who would I be there are so many lives my seeking spirit seeks      ...

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Dancing among the Trees

  Oh! How I would love to be as free as this gentle breeze to dance softly through the leaves whispering life’s secrets as they dance among the trees....

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A Walk Through Sorrow

I awoke with the weight of sorrow pressed heavily upon my heart and the strength of its presence threatened to bring me to my knees. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to go to the one place where I always feel embraced by the presence of life, quiet, peace,...

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