Quiet Poetry & Thoughts

Dancing among the Trees

  Oh! How I would love to be as free as this gentle breeze to dance softly through the leaves whispering life’s secrets as they dance among the trees....

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A Walk Through Sorrow

I awoke with the weight of sorrow pressed heavily upon my heart and the strength of its presence threatened to bring me to my knees. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to go to the one place where I always feel embraced by the presence of life, quiet, peace,...

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A Day Immersed

I awoke yesterday morning with joy in my heart knowing that this would be the day that I would begin to write again. My pen no longer silent. The demands of life no longer holding me captive. I would find the time, I would make time! I spent the majority of my day in...

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Untold Strength

I am sensitive I am emotional I feel deeply And I love With endless depths But … I am not fragile I will not break I am not weak It is that Which makes me soft And the deep well Of Love within me That give me Untold...

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A Poem

I want to live as though each moment of my life is a poem softly slowly melodically spilling from my...

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Lessons from Sugarite

It was a wonderful morning and I woke excited for the opportunity and time to take a quiet walk at Sugarite, to breathe in the beauty of the amazing landscape that always calls to my heart. But upon arriving I found the landscape hidden and the air cold and wet from...

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